I did 2 monthly challenges in a row. This is what happened.

In May and June of this year, I participated in 2 monthly daily drawing challenges and created an Instagram reel of every piece. Here is what I learned and how it almost led to burnout. Mermay I spontaneously decided to participate in Mermay challenge this year. It entails that you draw a mermaid every day […]

Anatomy Resources for Artists: Human body

Human Anatomy is a valuable skill for anyone who wants to depict the human body believably. It’s also a very complex subject, and you can’t learn it from practice alone. Over the last 10 years or so, I gathered a bunch of helpful art resources. Here are all the best ones to help you dive […]

Amon Amart game character concept art

2016-2019 I worked on concept art and graphics for a mobile game for Amon Amarth metal band. Here is concept art for the main character – Thor I also created all the bosses for the game. Here you can see the game itself: https://youtu.be/0S7IINSFjX4

Toca Boca inspired character design

Me and my daughter are in-love with Toca Boca games and in particular Toca Life World. I wanted to create a portfolio piece inspired by this game and asked my daughter what pack she would like to have in the game that doesn’t exist yet. Her answer was – Kawaii Cat Cafe. I started by […]

Unpublished project

In 2021 I’ve worked on an upublished game idea at MAG Interactive, where my tiny team was given absolute freedom. I’ve been the only artist on the team, so I art directed and created all the art for it.  Character Concept Art. Silouette and color exploration The idea was to gather specific resources and decorate […]

Birthday cards

Every year I draw a card to my beloved partner. Here are the latest ones.

Tribute to Hagrid

Last year we lost Robbie Coltrane – the actor who played Hagrid in Harry Potter films. As a child who grew up with a HP book in hands, I wanted to paint a tribute to such a wonderful character and amazing actor.

Blacksmith Dwarf

Last year I decided to paint over several of my old works from 2017 Inktober. I really liked that mighty dwarf-woman with this huge hammer that I drew on day 4, so I decided to start with her.

Once Upon a Time in the Tavern…

In 2017 I started to sketch out a dwarf having the time of his life on the iPad. And I felt like this have a bigger story into it. Slowly, it grew out in this illustration of a goblin being surrounded by friendly (or not?) big fellows…

Flying Skeleton

This illustration started as a part of Skully July in 2017 and then grew up into this little fella exploring the skies.