Who am I?

My name is Polina (aka Darrana) and I’m a self-taught artist who has been working in the mobile game industry for almost 10 years. My childhood dream was to become an artist, and now I’m on a mission to help others fulfill their artistic dreams.

For the past many years, I have gathered a lot of useful art resources that helped me get where I am today. I’ve guided and assisted many artist friends and colleagues in developing their skills.

I also have ADHD and my whole family have either ADHD or Autism or both. So if you struggle with your neurodivergence, I can give you a lot of working tools.

Whether you want to break into the industry, transition from traditional to digital media, or simply need some extra motivation and accountability to improve your skills, I can help you.


portfolio review

Once per person
  • 30 min video session
  • Feedback on your art
  • Advice on how to imporve your portfolio
  • Advice on a study direction

1 session

1 spot per week
$ 75
  • Personal study plan
  • 1h mentorship session
  • Feedback on your latest art
  • List of helpful resources
  • 5% off mentorship program

1 month

1 spot left
$ 350
  • Personal study plan
  • 5 sessions (1h each)
  • Personal feedback and paintovers
  • Personal assigments
  • List of helpful resources
  • 30% shop discount
  • Help with portfolio building
  • Text me outside of weekly meetings
  • 10% off future mentorship

3 months

1 spot left
$ 900
  • Personal study plan
  • 13 sessions (1h each)
  • Personal feedback and paintovers
  • Personal assigments
  • List of helpful resources
  • 30% shop discount
  • Help with portfolio building
  • Text me outside of weekly meetings
  • 15% off future mentorship
How it goes

Step 1

You book a free 15 min call and we chat. This is not binding and you don't have to buy mentorship from me if you don't want.
I need to know:

1. Your life situation and your struggles
2. link to your portfolio or 3-5 latest pieces/sketches
3. Your time aviability

Step 2

I send you booking and payment links.

Step 3

If you feel like you want to have a mentorship with me,
you pay, book a first session and we start working together 🙂


That can happen.
For mentorship program:
Full refund before the first session.

50% refund after first session

No refund if we booked our 2nd session.

For 1:1 session:
Full refund if you cancel 24h before.
50% refund if you cancel later.

For more information check the Policy

I understand that life can get in a way.
Please contact me for rebooking a session.
No refund if you simply don’t show without a warning.

For more information, check the Policy

Yes, absolutely. It won’t be that convenient for you to ask questions, but I can record feedback, answer questions and send you a private link.

I’m located in Stockholm, Sweden. So my time zone is UTC+2

Because I have very limited time, it is possible that all spots can be sold out. However, you can always join a waiting list, and I will notify you as soon as an opening becomes available and you are next on the list.

I’m always happy to answer some small questions or give a quick feedback, but only if I have some time and energy to spare.

Mentorship is fully online. We have contact through email or WhatsUp/Telegram.
We book meetings through Google Calendar
We have meetings through Zoom or Google Meet.

If you are located in Stockholm and really want us to meet in person, we can do that.

Absolutely! My program is not restricted to any specific media or software. I’m focusing on the drawing fundamentals and the psychology behind motivation and learning.
However, if you are seeking advice on traditional media techniques, I won’t be able to help you since I’m mainly a digital artist.

Absolutely! You don’t have to have any previous drawing expirience to apply for mentorship. The only thing that you have to have is willigness to learn and understand that this journey is going to take time.

I’m against unethical generative AI. Howerver I’m not against technology itself and I will not personally judge you for using AI as long as you are not using it commercially or training models on specific artists.
If you are using AI as a reference or inspiration, I am okay with that and will not reject your application because of it.

No. Anybody can apply as long as they have willingness to learn, access to the internet, microphone, paper and pencil.

Not sure yet? Check out my other helpful content 

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