Anatomy resources for artists: Hands and Feet

Hands and feet are very complex structures in the human body and a common culprit for beginner and even advanced artists. So here I’ve gathered the best resources to practice them. Most of them are free. So grab your pencil and get better! PS: In the case of AI apocalypse, you will at least have […]

Anatomy resources for artists: Head and Face

We, as humans, are very attracted to faces and wired to see them everywhere. We are basically face-reading machines. Faces are also something we know very well, and we see if something is off even a little bit. That’s why it’s so important to learn to depict them with the most accuracy. Face can make […]

Anatomy Resources for Artists: Human body

Human Anatomy is a valuable skill for anyone who wants to depict the human body believably. It’s also a very complex subject, and you can’t learn it from practice alone. Over the last 10 years or so, I gathered a bunch of helpful art resources. Here are all the best ones to help you dive […]

Anatomy Resources for Artists: Gesture Drawing

Gesture Drawing is an amazing exercise for learning how our bodies move and how to draw human figures fluently. But sadly, it’s hard to go to life drawing classes as much as we want (and definitely not as much as we need). When you don’t have access to classes with live models, you can always […]

General reference resources for artists

Cover General reference resources for artists

The Internet is full of gems for artists to learn drawing and get references. Here is a list of great reference websites I gathered over the years. I will update this list with time. These particular resources have a broad range of references on various topics. Later I will post specific resources sorted into different […]